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Inter-building Connectivity

Inte-rbuilding Connectivity

Linking remote buildings to the central data and telecommunications network has always posed a problem for organisations with distributed offices.

Utilising a variety of technologies including Free Space Optics (FSO), wireless and hard-wired solutions Imex have become experts in the field.

Installing temporary and long-term resilient voice and/or data links at very competitive prices can provide huge benefits to customers needing to extend their networks outside the confines of a single building.

For correct installation there will need to be a site survey to assess the following;

In certain circumstances special brackets will need to be fabricated to allow stable fixings to certain surfaces or to produce extra height on a building to allow clear line of sight. These will all be made to specification and manufactured for you.

The following extract from a survey document for a Free Space Optical link shows the proposed 1Gb link distance as 285 metres between heads. This link was successfully installed and is providing a 1Gb Ethernet link and carries data and IP telephony for approximately 500 users.













To ensure our customers get the best service after installation we can offer a maintenance contract designed to your requirements.

We also can offer maintenance for links that have not been installed by us. In order for us to take over the maintenance agreement, we would initially attend a site visit which will allow us to check the existing links and choose the best maintenance solution for the specific site.

From site survey through design and hardware selection to installation, commissioning, and maintenance Imex provide the complete service.


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