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Cable Assembly & Manufacture

Cable Assembly

Imex provides a first class in-house cable manufacturing service. We have been manufacturing EPOS related cable assemblies since 1985 and have an excellent reputation within the industry.

Our patch and connecting cables are made to order in a variety of colours and lengths.

Current Cables

We are often able to supply currently available cables at a much more competitive price than can be obtained from the manufacturer. If we don’t have the cable in stock we will almost certainly be able to supply once we have been provided with a sample.

Cable types currently supplied:

Category 5e and 6

How often is a top quality structured cabling system spoilt with the inclusion of second-rate patch and connecting cables? How difficult can it be to attach your network hardware and client PC’s and printers to your shiny new structured cabling system? Simple, you search the Internet and buy the cheapest Category 5/6 patch leads you can find…

When they arrive they will at first glance look to be perfect. They will be wrapped up in a packet and held in place with wire twists that are always a pain to untie. Then you try to route the cable neatly within your wiring centre and notice that they seem to want to return to the shape they adopted during their long journey from China.

The connectors used in the mass production of cables have a tendency to be ‘out of spec’ and are often smaller than they should be. This results in the connection with the associated equipment being unreliable.

We understand the need for quality and all of our cables are manufactured form the very best components. They are neatly coiled, without cable ties, and packed inside a bag that enables the original shape to be maintained. The patching exercise is made much easier and the finished cabinet infinitely tidier.

Obsolete Cables

We offer a range of obsolete and difficult to obtain cables enabling EPOS maintenance companies to extend the support of older equipment. If we don’t currently have the cable you want just supply us with a sample and we should be able to manufacture anything from a one-off to a large quantity at a very competitive price.